Drone Surveys

Drone Surveys

Drone Surveys

Virtuscan’s drone surveys make hard to reach and unsafe areas accessible with sophisticated technology and knowledgeable pilots.


Traditional inspection of these complex areas often require scaffolding, ladders and even abseiling. A drone survey can reduce the need for these costs and risks associated allowing detailed inspection from a distance that is safe for all.

Additionally large areas that would typically take days to cover can be captured in a matter of hours providing high quality output to suit any clients needs.

With experienced drone pilots and accurate methods we fly safely in accordance with CAA rules.

We utilise state of the art software to allow measuring and viewing of a project from anywhere even on a mobile device. Collaboration is simple and effective with the ability annotate either pointclouds or images to assist discussion within a project.


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Our Surveys Include:

Videos and Photos: We create impressive and informative outputs that can then be further processed to ensure all areas are well presented in the final output. These images either moving or still are great for ensuring condition of buildings and structures are easily viewed allowing the next phase of a project be undertaken with maximum information possible.

Point Clouds: Through capture of high quality photos we use photogrammetry to create a high quality point cloud. These point clouds are coloured and give great insight and allow visualisation from any web connected device. Furthermore we can combine a drone captured pointcloud with a terrestrial laser scanner generated pointcloud to provide the full picture.

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