10 Storey Blocks, Leeds

Heritage Building Restoration

The cleaning and repair of the country’s heritage assets requires a carefully planned approach to prevent further damage and ensure that the final restoration results meet the aesthetic and structural requirements.

Gunite has extensive expertise in heritage building restoration, the sympathetic repair, refurbishment and restoration of listed properties using traditional materials and methods with minimal invasive work. Working as both a main contractor and specialist subcontractor we can provide a range of cleaning, repair and protection services for heritage building restoration projects in order to minimise repairs and enhance durability. Heritage restoration services provided by Gunite include For reinforced concrete structures we can source materials similar to those used in the original construction and then site batch to match the existing mix design and texture finish. If long-term reinforcement corrosion problems exist then we can also design and install current cathodic protection systems to minimise future problems. For examples of our heritage building restoration works please click on the link.
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