Confined Space and Restrictive Access Working

Confined Space and Restrictive Access Working

Confined Space and Restrictive Access Working

The safety legislation which covers working in confined spaces can be found in the Confined Spaces Regulations of 1997.

When it comes to the law on safety in confined spaces, it generally refers to spaces where there is a risk of serious injury due to dangerous conditions such as a lack of oxygen or from Hazardous Substances. However, it is not possible to categorise confined spaces at work completely.

For example, certain locations can become a confined space when work or modifications are being carried out. However, some of the more common confined spaces which the safety legislation will cover are Storage tanks, Enclosed drains and sewers, Silos, Ductwork, Vats, Reaction vessels and Chambers which are open topped.

When it comes to working in confined spaces, the employer must make provision to identify any hazards present, assess the risks posed by them and put procedures in place and take any necessary precautionary measures to protect the workforce.

All these considerations will usually be determined by the following:

  • What the work entails
  • The environment in which it is carried out
  • The materials and tools that are to be used
  • The competency and suitability of those employed to carry out the work.
  • Emergency rescue or evacuation procedures
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If the results of the Risk Assessment identify any possibility of serious injury or stress from working in the confined space, then the Confined Spaces Regulations shall apply.

The Gunite group often work within structures that are classed as confined space and or difficult and restricted access. Our teams are fully trained to High Risk Confined Space Training C&G 6150-03 as a minimum with a number of operatives trained in Rescue procedures.  Gunite have the in-house capability to provide its own trained and experienced stand-by confined space rescue teams.

Our experienced and competent managers and supervisors are trained in how to assess and manage our works within low, medium, and high risk confined spaces.

The remedial repair and maintenance of concrete, brick, and metal structures that Gunite carry out are often within difficult and restricted access situations, therefore within our infrastructure department confined space training and working at height is mandatory.

The Gunite group can also provide rope access, suspended cradles and MEWPs as alternative access solutions for short duration works and the surveying of structures.