Gunfire is proud to offer Injectaclad as our primary injectable retrospective fire barrier for fire stopping purposes.

Injectaclad is an acrylic based graphite sealant. It is used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor construction cavity details, where linear gaps are not present within concealed voids, allowing fire and smoke to pass through from one compartment to another.

Injectaclad expands upon contact with heat and is considered an intumescent or reactive material.

The product is pumped into the desired depth and width void using a patented method to form a linear cavity fire barrier utilising the systems reinforcing mesh and holding pin supports.

Using this system, Injectaclad avoids the need to remove external façade systems, is quick to install, not invasive for property residents and can be externally installed over multiple elevations and retrospectively to gaps up to 200 mm.

It is fungi and rodent resistant and can be overpainted if required.


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