Compartmentation Surveys

Compartmentation Surveys

Compartmentation Surveys

Fire compartmentation forms part of the requirement of the Building Regulations Approved Document B and the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005.

Gunfire’s compartmentation surveys are carried out by Gunfire’s team of highly experienced and knowledgeable surveyors.

Compartmentation surveys are carried out to identify deficiencies that, in the event of a fire, would lead to the spread of smoke and fire to other areas of the building.  For example, this could result in fire and smoke manifesting in escape routes, safe spaces, or other buildings or businesses adjacent to the building where the fire started.

Gunfire compartment surveys will identify the areas that require fire-stopping by inspecting but not limited to:

  • Inspection of the overall condition of existing fire compartments
  • Assessments of existing fire seals applied to service penetration through fire compartment lines
  • Reviewing the essential elements of fire doors and fire-resistant hatches
  • Riser cupboards
  • Air conditioning ducts and vents into the shared air supply
  • Openings for waste and rubbish chutes
  • Roof void inspections
  • All data collated under one easy to access and use system eliminating burdensome paperwork, providing a clear understanding of onsite conditions requiring remediation
Jamie Pete door checking with Bolster 7

Any destructive tests will be carried out according to Asbestos Awareness guidelines, and all appropriate measures will be taken in line with the asbestos register.


Once the survey has been completed, a survey report will be created for the client.  This survey report will include the buildings occupancy characteristics and identify the areas requiring remedial actions and what services and products we have available to close the defects.  The report and its findings will be fully photographed and recorded on Bolster Systems.