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Gunite is a specialist contracting company that delivers restoration and structural solutions to concrete, stone, and brick structures throughout the UK.

The services we provide are:

Galvanic Corrosion requires 3 elements: 2 different types of metals in contact with each other and a solution that is corrosive such as water.  The increased corrosion rate of the anode is called Galvanic Corrosion.

We can provide Corrosion Control.

When demolition of a building seems like the only option, there are solutions that can be more advantageous and less disruptive.

Helifix is a long-term repair solution making it more cost effective.  Gunite are a member of the Helifix Approved Installer Network.

Gunite provide remedial repair and refurbishment solutions to extend the service life of all types of car parks. Our network of regional offices across the UK ensure we have national coverage.  See our case studies for some of the Multi-Storey Car Parks we have worked on.

The cleaning and repair of the country’s heritage assets requires a carefully planned approach to prevent further damage and ensure that the final restoration results meet the aesthetic and structural requirements.  See our case studies for examples.

Gunite offers a range of external façade cleaning and restoration solutions to maintain and protect concrete, brick, stone and render façades.

Gunite has the in-house expertise to design and install a range of bespoke tanking, sealing and waterproofing systems to prevent the ingress or egress of water.  The control of water penetration through below ground and water retaining structures has always been a challenge for the construction industry.  Gunite have a dedicated department for waterproofing.

As approved installers for many of the UK’s liquid roofing and deck membrane systems Gunite can provide guaranteed liquid roofing and deck membranes for both new build and refurbishments.

Gunite undertakes the design, manufacture and installation of a large range of balcony balustrades and handrailing. We have the facility to manufacture and design bespoke balcony types, including any supporting engineering calculations for the loadings on the railing and fixings.

Gunite is one of the UK’s leading brickwork repair and repointing contractors.  With 30 years industry experience we have built a reputation for consistent, successful project delivery.

As one of the founding members of the Concrete Repair Association (CRA), we continue to be committed to the promotion, development and practice of concrete repair and allied disciplines.  The Concrete Repair Associations remit covers advancing education, technical training, and Health and Safety matters in the specialist construction sector.


Gunfire is proud to offer Injectaclad as our primary form of injectable retrospective fire barrier for fire stopping purposes.  Injectaclad is an acrylic based graphite sealant. It is used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor construction cavity details, where linear gaps are present within concealed voids which could allow fire and smoke to pass through from one compartment to another.

Linear Gap Seals are flexible, water-resistant, intumescent seals that expand when exposed to heat.  This expansion stops the spread of smoke and fire to other compartments of a building.

Fire door inspections are recommended to ensure the safety of your building and people.  A bi-annual inspection is recommended to monitor any wear, although where doors are used more heavily, such as schools, flats, and hospitals there should be an increased frequency of inspection.  While bi-annual inspections are a recommendation by BS 9999, it is also important that daily and monthly visual inspections are made.

We carry out maintenance on existing fire doors in addition to the supply and installation of new fire door sets.

Cavity barriers are passive fire protection elements that prevent flames and smoke from spreading. They work by sealing off the gaps in a cavity during a fire. This is because the materials used in cavity barriers are sensitive to fire. They provide essential protection whilst also helping to minimise air leakage and heat loss between the external cavity and the separating party wall.   Gunite lead the way in providing these.

Fire compartmentation forms part of the of the requirement of the Building Regulations Approved Document B and the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005.  Gunfire’s compartmentation surveys are carried out by Gunfire’s team of highly experienced and knowledgeable surveyors.

Fire doors are a vital part of the fabric of a building. They divide the building into individual fire compartments and are constructed and lined with suitable fire resisting materials to reduce the spread of fire.  Gunfire specialises in the installation of fire door sets and screens.  This includes front entrance doorsets, communal doors and screen sets in all types of buildings.

Fire Barrier Systems are essential to prevent the rapid spread of fire in concealed spaces within a building where no wall or divide exists.  The Fire Barrier is hung by our qualified technicians resulting in fire resistant divide.

Fire strategies are a regulatory requirement, and it is essential your business complies to safeguard the building, its contents, and the people within it.  Virtuscan can produce these for you.

The accuracy of a survey is ever advancing, and a point cloud survey leads the way.

Gunite Infrastructure

Through our Infrastructure department, Gunite carry out the injection waterproofing and leak sealing of a variety of sub-terrain structures utilising polyurethane injection resin techniques that react with water to form a highly elastic, hydrophobic seal against water ingress. The resin reacts quickly with water and expands to produce an open-cell, rigid foam that is ideal for stemming water ingress at defects in concrete structures and both steel and secant piled walls.

Here at Gunite we provide both wet-mix (shotcrete) and dry-mix (gunite) methods of sprayed concrete.  The word Gunite to describe shot sprayed concrete was originally a name that specifically referred to the dry-mix pneumatic cement application process.

The Gunite Group offer a variety of epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea and cement silicate -based specialist materials for the chemical resistant lining of containment bunds, chambers, and manholes. Our systems can be used within manufacturing, heavy industry, power generation and clean and wastewater environments.

For surface preparation the Gunite Group offer a number of options, from conventional open abrasive blasting with grit media, to open blasting with water suppression to dust free preparation utilising the sponge media blasting process.  Click here for more details

Our teams are fully trained to High Risk Confined Space Training C&G 6150-03 as a minimum with a number of operatives trained in Rescue procedures.  Gunite have the in-house capability to provide its own trained and experienced stand-by confined space rescue teams.


Virtuscan specialises in Geomatic Data Capture.

The services we provide are:

Virtuscan’s drone surveys make hard to reach and unsafe areas accessible with sophisticated technology and knowledgeable pilots.

Captured with specialist 360 cameras or as part of a Point Cloud Survey informative, self-guided tours are created within 24 hours of visiting a project.

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