Gunite celebrate their 25th Anniversary!!!

Gunite celebrate their 25th Anniversary!!!

On Friday, staff at Gunite enjoyed a day of festivities to celebrate its impressive 25 Year Anniversary!!!

First on the itinerary we donned wet-suits and had our strength and stamina tested at Aqua Park Rutland.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and only a few minor injuries were obtained!   From there we headed back to the office to toast the occasion and to present  Jerry and Fran with their surprise gift, card and cake from all the staff at Gunite.  Refuelled with brownies and prosecco, teams were then assembled for our annual treasure hunt around Cambridge where we were let loose to gather  answers and take photos, all eager to win that coveted 1st place.  To give you a sense of the kind of treasure hunt it was, one instruction was to go into a sweet shop and sing a rendition of 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" to the shop keeper, to receive a rather tasty bag of sweets.  Let's just say we should all definitely stick to external repairs and fire protection as our day job! Once the treasure hunt was completed we regrouped for the scores to be counted while we enjoyed a few well deserved refreshments.  The day was finished off with a tasty meal at Jamie's Italian where the winner of the treasure hunt was announced...and guess what...for once...JERRY DIDN’T WIN!!!!!!

HUGE CONGRATS to Katrina, Caroline, Reggie and Rachael for your victory.

So as you can tell, Gunite had a great time celebrating its 25th Birthday!!! 



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